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    I could use a little help

    2012 - 04.17

    I am enjoying blogging from this site. I do not understand how to use this site to my advantage, so if anyone could shine some light on this blog site, I would greatly appreciate any and all help. Thank you

    A Toast

    2012 - 04.17

    To any and all who read this blog.

    May the day you read this blog be your brightest, may your loved ones be close, and may the day bring to you and yours a peace and joy you have never known, and may it grow from this day on.

    Friendship, what is it ?

    2012 - 04.16

     A thought occurred to me. What is friendship ? Is it a subconscious emotional response occurring under specific triggers ? Is it a chemical response that our bodies pick up on, again, subconconsciously ? Is it some deep instinct for survival, become part of a group, safety in numbers ? I believe it is none of the above. If it were any of the above, there could be no depth. I believe friendship, in itself, is mystery incarnate. How else do you explain the relationship of 2 or more random individuals that approaches and often reaches or surpasses the love and loyalty of family. My first point is – Friendship happens when you are not looking for it. When you are comfortable with who you are, and you stop trying, that is when friendship blooms into existence. Case in poitn, when I was younger, I tried for years to make friends, the closest I came was acquaintences. No love, no bond other than, you’re here, I’m here. When I stopped trying, and accepted myself for who I was, and was good with it, then the friendships started blossoming. Many of the friends I made at the time are still my friends 20 + years later. Another point, there is no rhyme or reason to friendship. Case in point. My best friend is a guy I worked with in a factory. I was mean, not just obnoxious, but down right mean to him everyday for about 3 months. I was eyeballing him everyday, waiting for him to say something so I could attack. One day he called me out. He asked me what my problem with him was. That completely caught me offguard, as I really had no reason to be mean to him other than my own jealousy of the situation at the time. Having made me speechless, I later found the courage to apologize, and a friendship blossomed. These are my theories on friendship, your comments are most appreciated. Agree or disagree, I am curious about your thoughts. Til then cherish those closest to you, and your friends never be too far from your heart